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About MediaZilla

To begin, simply click the link that was sent in the email and open your FREE account. Opening a FREE account will transfer ownership of the videos to you. If for any reason we ever closed our account with MediaZilla you would still own all your videos and have full access. Once logged in you will see your wedding videos home page. Most clients will have videos labeled Full Wedding and Highlight Video, simply click your selection and enjoy.

Home Page:

From the Home Page you can select which video you would like to view, download and share. There are 3 buttons on the Home Page, 2 on top right and 1 in right lower.

Get Media: This button is for downloading your video.

Share: This button is for sharing your video. You can copy the link and send in an email or select an icon to share directly to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and more.

Full Screen: The button on the lower right corner is for enabling full screen. This is a great way to watch your wedding video. Click ESC on your keyboard to exit full screen.

Video Page:

When you hover over the video a few options will pop up in the top right corner.

Menu: Brings you back to your home page.

Download: Download your video

HD: Enable HD quality. (HD should be set by default. To check, hover over the HD button, if it says Disable HD that means you are in HD mode. If it says Enable HD that means you are NOT in HD mode)

MediaZilla Apps:

MediaZilla is currently creating apps that will offer some great ways to watch and share your wedding videos. The first app rolled out in August 2017 for the Apple TV device and we are excited to see more apps as they develop.

Apple TV: From your Apple TV device, click the Apps icon and search Mediazilla. Install the app, login with your account information and enjoy.



Here are some tips for viewing your wedding videos on MediaZilla.

* If you have a smart TV that has a real browser, navigate to Mediazilla.com and login.

* Connect your laptop to your television using an HDMI cable. Set your TV input to the corresponding HDMI setting and play from laptop. Navigate to Mediazilla.com and login.

* If you have an Apple TV device, search the apps store for Mediazilla and install app. Login to your Mediazilla account and stream. This is the ideal solution for owners of an Apple TV.

* If you have a Roku device you can “mirror” many Android phones and/or tablets to your Roku device.



If you have any issues or questions regarding your wedding video please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


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