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About USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives provide a great medium for storage, transfer, streaming and backup of video files in their full HD native format. Most television manufacturers now provide USB capability but there is no standard in format and compatibility. While this was a welcome feature for videographers, the lack of standard format and compatibility means that some clients could experience difficulty playing USB video on their TV. Computers may (rarely) also face compatibility issues due to drive format and differences between PC and Mac systems. We format all USB drives in FAT32 format which provides the best compatibility between Mac and PC.


First, try your USB drive on a different TV. Second, try your USB flash drive in your computer or laptop. If the file plays on computer or laptop, your USB is not the issue, its your TV.

Format: Your video files are in MP4 video format and your USB drive is formatted in FAT32 format. Most televisions with USB ports can play MP4 files but the difference is the USB formatting. We have chosen the FAT32 format due to its inherit compatibly with both PC and Mac and the increasing compatibility with USB capable TV’s. Please check your televisions specs to see if FAT32 is compatible. FAT32 does not allow file sizes larger than 4gb which results in numerous files.


The best solution for viewing a USB drive on a television with no USB or FAT32 capability is a USB Media Player. Search Amazon for USB Media Player and you will find many devices ranging from $30-$100. These devices connect to your TV via an HDMI cable and can play video on any USB drive.  We have purchased, tested and can recommend devices in the below chart. Many gaming consoles have the ability to play video and is certainly worthy of a try. The Playstation3 and the Xbox systems have been reported to play video via USB flash drives but we have yet to personally test.

If none of these solutions works for you, please contact us to discuss a solution that meets your needs.


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