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Your wedding was shot in full 1080 HD. Blu-ray and USB will be in full 1080 resolution.

Blu-ray: Blu-ray in my opinion is still the best choice for full HD video delivery. The major difference         between Blu-ray and DVD is the Blu-ray will provide full 1080 resolution while a DVD provides 720.

TIP: There are hundreds of Blu-ray players available and most are well under $100. Replace your DVD player with a Blu-ray player or if you don't have a disc player at all, add a Blu-ray player to your entertainment center. Blu-ray players can also play DVD’s and most include apps like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon, etc.

DVD: The industry standard for many years, the DVD is a good choice for owners of a DVD player, however DVD’s are not capable of displaying full HD and can only display 720 SD. Your wedding video was shot in full 1080 HD, however the limitations of DVD forces the render to 720 SD. For many people the difference is acceptable, but when played side by side to full HD, the difference is quite noticeable.

USB Flash Drive: USB Flash Drive is growing in popularity but still not an ideal format for viewing your wedding video. Blu-ray and DVD both have strict standards and typically any blu-ray disc will play in any blu-ray player and any DVD will play in any DVD player. This is not the case with USB drives. USB has multiple format choices and can present issues between PC and Mac operating systems as well as smart televisions. We have noted that roughly 50% of USB deliveries have resulted in playback issues or questions.


Summary: Blu-ray and DVD are still the best choices as far as compatibility is concerned. Blu-ray is much better simply due to its full HD capability. Also the Play/Pause/Rewind/Fast Forward controls are much smoother with a disc player than USB. Another reason we like Blu-ray and DVD is the presentation factor. With disc format you receive a full size, custom disc case and is a much nicer keepsake. We are happy to provide your wedding video on a USB flash drive but have simply found more complications and  they are not as user friendly.




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