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Your wedding was shot in full 1080 HD. Digital Delivery, USB and Blu-ray will be in full 1080 resolution.

Digital Delivery: .Digital Delivery is our current format of delivering your wedding video. This is done using a great service called MediaZilla. Its similar to Youtube but provides a few better features such as a clean, neat interface, simple sharing and direct download. Digital Delivery is full 1080 HD.

USB Flash Drive: USB Flash Drive is a great way to backup and archive your wedding video. USB drives can play on many smart televisions but unfortunately there are no standards in the television industry regarding playing USB media. Quite frankly, it will work on some televisions and not others. USB drives are compatible with both PC and Mac computers.

Blu-ray: The difference between Blu-ray and DVD is the Blu-ray will provide full 1080 resolution while a DVD provides 720.

DVD: The industry standard for many years, the DVD is a good choice for owners of a DVD player, however DVD’s are not capable of displaying full HD and can only display 720 SD. Your wedding video was shot in full 1080 HD, however the limitations of DVD forces the render to 720 SD. For many people the difference is acceptable, but when played side by side to full HD, the difference is quite noticeable.



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