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HarborView Video shoots exclusively in full 1080 16:9 widescreen High Definition !

About HarborView Video:

HarborView Video was started in 2008 offering professional wedding videography in  the greater New England area. In 2011 HarborView Video made the big leap to a full-time career of my dreams, allowing me to share my passion for videography with couples looking to capture the biggest day of their lives. I pride myself on producing high quality videos and am very unobtrusive. I typically blend in with the background as to not interrupt the festivities and I am a very flexible person to work with.


Should we have our wedding recorded on video?

If you feel your wedding is a significant event in your life and you would like to share it with  friends and relatives who weren't there (perhaps even future  descendants), or maybe watch every year on your anniversary, a video is the best choice. A video can record character, personality and emotion in a way that still photos simply can't. At a recent wedding  fair, a presenter said: "I am holding two boxes. One contains your  great-grandparents' wedding photos, and the other contains their wedding video. You can open only one. Which do you choose?" The audience choice was unanimous, everyone chose the video.


I have a friend or relative who said they will video our wedding...

This is a common regret we have read about, heard about and seen many times. This method almost always ends up being very shaky,  often un-watchable video. Audio is another issue, without wireless  microphones and pro-audio equipment, your vows may not have good quality. Besides, you invited your friends and relatives to celebrate with you.


I am nervous that the video cameras may annoy guests and ruin the atmosphere.

That  depends. There are a wide range of video cameras, and video camera  operators. Believe it or not, it is very possible to have a videographer unobtrusive enough so that guests do not realize he is there. I am not an in-your-face videographer and typically only interview guests at your request. Todays pro cameras can now achieve amazing  results in low light conditions, however, if the room is dimly lit,  additional lighting will be used for best results. I also use a tripod  as much as possible. Using a tripod assures minimal camera shake. The  video camera I use, the Sony HXR-NX3 is a wonderful non-intimidating camera and ideal for weddings!.


Does the groom need to wear a microphone ?

I  highly recommend to all couples to have the groom wear our wireless  lapel microphone. This is about the size of a small Ipod and slips into  the inside of the grooms tux pocket. It has a tiny microphone that  attaches to the lapel of the tux jacket. It is very unobtrusive and only required during the ceremony. It is easily added and removed in  just a few seconds. This setup will help obtain crisp and clear audio during your ceremony. (Note to the groom, this microphone only transmits to my camera and is only turned on for the vows). The lapel mic is removed immediately after the ceremony concludes.


Will you work together with our  photographer ? 

Absolutely! I try to meet the photographer(s) upon arrival so we  can quickly review our game plan. I am extremely easy to work with and  always hope for the same in return. The photographer and videographer  both work for you, the bride & groom, and when we all work together, our days go smoothly and yield tremendous results.


Our venue requires vendors to be insured, are you insured?

Absolutely! We are fully insured and can provide your venue with a copy of our decelerations page upon request.


How do I decide between an unedited video or an edited video?  What really is the difference?

Basically, an unedited video is everything captured on film is transferred to DVD. While this gives the most video to watch, there can be some downsides. Think of how much wasted film there must have been when they made your  favorite movie! Since I don't have a director to yell “cut” at your  wedding, there could be shots that would be considered unnecessary or unwanted, like the cameraman moving to change filming angles and things of that nature. The upside of an unedited video is that there is minimal  post production work to be done and therefore less expensive. A great  question to ask yourself is how many times could you sit and watch your friends 3-5 hour wedding videos?

The edited video is a shorter, condensed video that contains all the highlights of the day and is typically 55-65 minutes. The edited video also contains background music (you may choose if you like) for certain scenes and smooth transitions from scene to scene. Post production is very time consuming and can easily take 15-20 hours to edit 3-5 hours worth of video. When I am asked straight out which do you recommend, my answer is simple, if you can swing the extra cost you will be happier with the edited version in the long run.


If we get a USB Flash Drive, will it play on our TV?

The best answer unfortunately is... Maybe. See our USB Page for full details.


Whats the difference between DVD and Blu-ray?

Your video was shot in full 1080 16:9 HD, yet standard DVD’s can not display full HD. The short non-technical answer is that if you have (or are contemplating the purchase of) a Blu-ray player, your video will be much sharper and vibrant on a Blu-ray disc. For a more technical explanation, here is a good article.


Can you film the Bride getting ready?

You can have your coverage start time begin early or add extra hours to accommodate bridal preparations. To read our page explaining bridal preparations & video coverage, Click Here.


How long are the Raw video's ?

Every wedding is different as are all our packages. Cameras are not running 100% of the time, travel time and meal being served are perfect examples of typical non-filming time. On average, you can expect captured footage ranging between 50-75 percent of the package time.


How much is the deposit ?

The deposit is $100 and is required to secure your date.


Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we accept checks, credit cards (online or in-person), Paypal and good ole cash.


Do you have any samples online ?

Highlight Videos are uploaded to Youtube as a music video while complete wedding videos have full ambient audio. Songs are only used in a few spots as background music. During a meet & greet I would be happy to show a full wedding video as a demo.

Update: Starting July 2015 all Highlight Video videos are hosted on Youtube.

Highlight Video Videos after July 2015: Click Here

Highlight Video Videos prior to July 2015: Click Here


When & how will I pay ?

A $100 deposit is due at booking to secure your date. The most common method of paying the balance is paying prior to or on wedding date. This allows us to edit and deliver your project upon completion. Our preferred method is paying balance prior to wedding date. If full payment is not made on or by wedding date, don't worry, we are not leaving. We do not begin editing until full payment has been made, so it only delays production of your wedding videos. We understand completely the stress of paying someone in full before services are rendered and would be happy to discuss any alternative arrangements.


What if I have to cancel, or you cancel ?

I will refund the deposit if you cancel not less than 30 days from your event. I have yet to ever have to cancel a shoot from our end, but in the event this happens and I can't find a replacement for you, you will be refunded 100%. I can not  be held liable or responsible should I need to cancel. Examples of  reasons I may need to cancel are catastrophic health issue, acts of war, acts of god, extreme weather issues, alien invasions from another planet, you get the idea.


Why do we need an agreement ?

The most important document that I give you is your agreement. The agreement shouldn't be intimidating, its simply a document that states what to expect from us in return for payment that is expected from you. Be very weary of anyone trying to sell you a wedding video without an agreement. Its you're right to ask questions so don't be shy. If there is no  mention of an agreement or if someone says that you don't need one . . . run! This is your one and only wedding day . . . make sure that you're comfortable with the videographer that you've chosen.


Can I view your agreement online ?

Yes, Click Here to view our agreement.


What equipment do you use ?

HarborView Video made a major upgrade to tapeless cameras in December 2014 with the purchase of a pair of Sony HXR-NX3 High Definition cameras.

Our primary camera is the Sony HXR-NX3 3 Chip Pro HD Camera. This is a fabulous camera for wedding videography. Lighting if required is provided by a Sony on-camera light.

Camera 1: Sony HXR-NX3 (C1)

Camera 2: Sony HXR-NX3 (C2)

Camera 3: Sony HDR-PJ650 (C3) (Floating Lens)

Camera 4: Sony HDR-PJ650 (C4) (Floating Lens)

Video’s edited with non-linear (editing done digitally) software and delivered on DVD+R media.


What format do you shoot in?

All our events are captured in full 1080 16:9 wide-screen High Definition, in the AVCHD file format.


Where will you be filming from at the ceremony ?

One of the most important questions!  Many churches will not allow, or limit, videographer's and/or  photographers on or around the altar. This is a very important question  to ask of your celebrant, and is solely your responsibility, we can not be responsible for this problem. We will do our best if we can not get "up and close". In a perfect world, we would like to be in position very close to the altar (with the groom) to film the bride walking down the aisle. After the bride is handed off, we move to the center aisle about halfway to the back. Upon arrival, we seek out the celebrant to discuss our plan and inquire about any restrictions.


What types of events are you familiar with ?

We have filmed many weddings in churches, temples, event venues and ethnic weddings including Muslim, Haitian, Hindu and same sex weddings. We work hard at being a professional, and would be happy to work closely with you for any type of celebration.  


What will you be wearing ?

I am flexible in this area. I like to avoid the suit and tie, and would never show up in jeans and sneakers.  My preferred attire is dress-casual. I am happy to discuss if there is  something in particular you would like me to wear/not wear. I have often been referred to as the guest who was taking pictures.


Do we feed you ?

This is entirely up to you. I often refer to a quote from an article in Wedding and Event Videography magazine: 

 Make sure you and your  videographer's agree on eating arrangements. videographer's usually work eight to ten hours on the day of a wedding. They need to eat if they  are to do their best work. Try to arrange that they eat in the same  room as the guests, so they can keep an eye on what is going on and be  ready to capture events on tape at a moment's notice. Many couples  suggest that the videographer's go through the buffet line. However, for a sit-down dinner, where meal costs skyrocket, it's appropriate to  provide sandwiches and coffee. You may even decide that the  videographer's should provide their own meal. In this case, make sure  everyone understands where they are to eat, since you probably don't  want a brown bag lunch and can of soda at one of your guest tables.  Remember, it's your wedding, and you're paying for the videographer. Whatever you decide will be fine, so long as the videographer knows in advance what to expect.


When will I receive the video(s) ?

The industry standard for completion time is roughly 2+ months yet we strive to do it in 2 weeks provided we have everything we need** to edit and produce. We understand you are eager and excited to watch your big day for the  first time, and it's important to us to get this to you as fast as  possible.

**If your package includes (and you decide to have) a photo slideshow, song selections, bridal party listing, invitation or any other extras, please submit them prior to your wedding day as these are typically the items that can slow down production.


How will I receive the video(s) ?

When your package is ready, it will  be shipped via USPS Priority mail. You will receive a tracking number and typically Priority Mail only takes 2-3 days.


My question is not answered here.

Please feel free to use our Contact Us page for any additional questions. Clients are provided with my cell number which makes me available 24/7.


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